Agur consultants may help your church through:

Site Selection:
Site Evaluation (Preliminary Checklist Prior to Purchase of Property)
Due Diligence (Refer Consultants to you who can complete
  Environmental Studies, Survey, Title Evaluation, Preliminary
  Municipal Discussions)
Entitlement of Property (Refer Consultants to you who can
  complete Land Planning, Civil Engineer, Architects, Traffic
Horizontal Development (Refer to you Horizontal Development
Vertical Cost Estimates (Refer to you Commercial Contractors)

Here is an example of how Agur helped a church which already owned it property.

Covenant Community Church (CCC), Aurora, Colorado owned a six acre tract but did not have enough funds to build their facility. They took their land and split it and sold half. The Developer who purchased the half was obligated to develop the entire parcel for CCC and for Sprouts. Covenant now owns over 3 acres and has the required funds to get financing for construction of their new facility. Praise the Lord!

Land Owned by Covenant Community Church in 2009

Future Home and Land Owned by
Covenant Community Church today